Applejack is Ponyville’s resident farm gal! She lives just outside town at Sweet Apple Acres with the rest of the Apple family. Applejack is the most down-to-earth, resourceful, and dependable pony around,  who isn’t afraid to get her hooves dirty. This hardworking Earth Pony is family-oriented and always ready to help anyone from Granny Smith to her little sister, Apple Bloom. Incredibly honest, Applejack would never stoop to telling a lie. However, her honesty and practicality keeps her from being as sensitive to others’ feelings as she could be, despite her best intentions.  Although Applejack can be a bit set in her ways, her friends know they can always count on this trustworthy pony to come through for them.

Help your child recognize the importance of honesty in friendship:


How does honesty make a friendship stronger?


What benefits and advantages does an honest person have?


Does honesty take practice? How can you practice it?


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