• 18" Round film balloon.
  • Comes deflated in a packaged.
  • Location of the logo seen in the image is on image only.
  • If filled with air, usage of straw-like item is recommended. Insert in the opening gently not to damage the flap inside
  • Qualatex Foil Balloons are made a of thin, continuous film of metal over nylon. Therefore, foil balloons are less porous and remain inflated several times longer that untreated latex balloons.
  • As with latex balloons, foil balloons can be inflated with either air or helium.
  • A correctly inflated foil balloon should be tight with uniformly spaced creases along the seam. Unlike latex balloons, where over-inflating results in an exaggerated shape due to elasticity, foil balloons don't have that elasticity and will burst when over-inflated.



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Congrats Grad!- 18 inch

SKU: T-1013

    High altitudes and extreme temperatures affect helium-inflated foil balloons.

    If filling the balloons with helium gas, please be aware of some characteristics of helium gas and follow the below instruction.


    Hight altitude and High temperature will expand helium molecules.

    • When moving from low altitude/cool environment to high altitude/warm environment, make sure NOT to completely fill the balloon with helium gas as helium molecules will expand. Not filling it completely will give the helium molecules place to expand without blasting the balloon.


    Low altitude and Cool temperature will shrink helium molecules.

    • If moving from high altitude/warm environment to low altitude/cool environment, make sure to fill the balloon with enough helium and helium molecules will shrink and causes it to reduce in its size.



    Although most of the film balloons come with self-sealing valves, it is always a good idea to tie the balloons to a string especially if it is being filled with helium gas. Hold the balloon between your legs or body facing the filling tab up. Place your string half-way on the filling tab and fold the tab over and roll up to the balloon body. Tie a few knots.

  • Always dispose of balloons properly. Do not release balloons into air.

    風船は常に適切に廃棄してください。 風船を空中に放さないでください。