About Us

Hi from the founder of Pixie Isle. 


I was born in Tokyo but left Japan when I was a 10 months old baby and grew up in 7 + 2 different countries! 


Interested in knowing where all those countries are?

Ecuador, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain (Barcelona & Madrid!), Japan, and the US (L.A & NYC!). My list got a little longer when I moved to Laos and briefly to Bangladesh as an adult.


I am also a proud mom to my beautiful triplets who are absolute gems and to the world's cutest little pup, Berry! They were born and raised in NYC - including Berry!- where I was singly parenting while working for a Jewelry designer as her managing director.


My trio, pup, and I made our intentional move back to Japan in  2017 to be closer to our beloved Baba-chan, my mom. She’s the brave woman behind my incredible journey all around the world!


My life has been all about moving, meeting new friends, learning new cultures, and just celebrating everyone & everything different… and same!! Most importantly, making sure we all came together.


I founded Pixie Isle in the hopes to help everyone celebrate their lives and to simply appreciate each other.  :)


Thank you for visiting Pixie Isle.


​Pixie Isle

Credit to the image of Pixie used in my logo goes to my daughter!